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About O’Brien Auto Performance

David O’Brien is the proprietor of the shop and has been involved in the auto service industry most of his natural life.  After working in a variety of shops and years of education, he saw a need for a shop to provide service to Mercedes Benz Vehicles that was not being met.  Thus O’Brien Auto Performance was born.


In subsequent years, David watched the vehicle trends in Tulsa and quickly added the Land Rover Family of vehicles to those he serviced.  David quickly became a favorite of consumers and industry people alike for his attention to detail and quality of service.  One such instance was a customer who called auto parts shops looking for a Land Rover Repair center and 9 out of 10 recommended O’Brien Auto Performance.


As the years have passed, O'Brien Auto Performance has flourished in an industry of questionable work thanks to their concerted effort to do the right thing.  It may not always be cheap…but it is always done right.  O’Brien has been known to receive vehicles from other service shops who are unable to properly repair a vehicle.  Of course, no one talks about this situation…but it’s nice to know whom the pros turn to when they need help.


Everyone looks forward to helping you and your vehicle enjoy a long and fruitful relationship together. Stop looking at this website and give them a call; your vehicle will be glad you did.

Say "HELLO" to the O'Brien Auto Performance Team of Technicians

O'Brien Auto Performance services some of the best vehicles made.  Vehicles such as

Audi | Bentley | BMW | Ferrari | Jaguar | Land Rover | Mini | Rolls Royce

Our shop hours are:  7:30am - 5:30pm

Stop by our shop located at: 1402 East 6th Street, Tulsa, OK. 74120

Want to talk to a live person, call: (918) 583-7889

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